Pontic man

Mens' Pontos Costume

The mens’ costume from Pontos is comprised of a black wool jacket and black wool pants which are characteristically baggy in the seat.

They wear black boots and a belt with rifle bullets and a gun. On their heads they wear a black headpiece.
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Womens' Pontos Costume

The women wear satin pantaloons and a silk blouse trimmed with crocheted lace. The “Kavathi” is a dress of colorful brocade that is open at the front with two side openings and is lined and decorated with gold trim. Around the hips they wear an apron in the shape of a triangle, trimmed with fringe. A jacket of black velvet trimmed with silver is also worn.

On their heads they wear a “tapla” which is a disk decorated with a row of little coins that hang across the forehead over which is worn a head scarf.
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